Husqvarna 7021P Features:

If you’re on the hunt for a good lawn mower and are a little confused with the selections available today, why not go down the tried and tested route? Gas powered lawn mowers have been the preferred choice for many years and why deviate from a good thing? Husqvarna is an old company started in 1689 and is one of the world’s oldest companies. So if they’ve survived this long, they must be doing something good! Let’s find out what’s the great deal about the Husqvarna 7021P.

Firstly, the Husqvarna 7021P has a Honda engine. For all the tech savvy people out there, you know what I’m talking about. The GVC160 engine has a gas powered 160cc output which is compliant for the state of California. It has a capability of 3000 rpm and 4 horsepower. This means great lawns done well for beautiful results. The Husqvarna 7021P model has a fuel tank volume size of 0.95 qt. But this also means that the 7021P comes with 2 warranties – Honda and Husqvarna.

The wheels of the Husqvarna are one of its appealing features. Bigger than most available in today’s market, the 12” rear wheels of the 7021P ensure that you have great manoeuvrability in tight spots. The wheels have double ball bearings which makes sure they roll smoothly and easily so you have to put in less energy in pushing the mower.


The Husqvarna 7021P has 5 cutting height settings to choose from, which is all you really need. It is enough to tackle those uneven surfaces. Having a 21” cutting deck is an added bonus. Think about it. The combination of the wheel size, the smoothness of movement, great reliable engine and a large deck of the 7021P is what you need to get the job done efficiently and quickly so you have time to spend with your family. And that’s what counts today.

Having a 3-in-1 cutting system also gives you the option to side discharge, mulch or use the rear bag. Depending upon your choice, the Husqvarna 7021P has whatever you need. Mulching would contribute to creating a luscious lawn, the side discharge option would create a line of mowed waste, and the rear bag will collect all your waste.

The deck being steel ensures more durability than its plastic counterparts that may not last as long. The Husqvarna 7021P is not too heavy and has a powerful, serviceable engine that just eradicates the unwanted grass.

The Husqvarna 7021P has been reliably known to start within the first pull of the recoil cord. This means it starts faster, easier – so that’s one concern out of the way. The 7021P model being gas powered does have its drawbacks. It does make a noise while in use – but that’s to be expected. It is a gas powered product after all.


  • Big wheels offer better manoeuvrability and better stability.
  • Powerful so you can get an even cut on your lawn.
  • Convenient accessories included in purchase price.
  • 5 Different height adjustments for various grass lengths.
  • Simple start process, with 1 – 2 pulls of the recoil cord.
  • Fuel efficient.
  • 21 inches of cutting deck.
  • CARB Compliant


  • Having 2 warranties – Honda for the engine & Husqvarna for the body may cause difficulties with customer service in times of replacing parts.
  • Overall large dimensions may cause storage problems.
  • Only 5 cutting height adjustment settings as compared to other lawn mowers.
  • May be felt as expensive as compared to other models.

Some FAQs about the Husqvarna 7021P:

  • What kind of oil does it take?

This uses SAE 10W-30 oil and the oil capacity is 18.5 ounces.

  • Is this two or four stroke?

This model is a four stroke engine, the gas is standard and the oil dip stick is made of a heavy plastic.

According to the manual, you are supposed to empty the fuel tank and the carburettor. If you haven’t done that, then disconnect the fuel line and drain it. Add fresh fuel and clean or replace the spark plug and then try to start it. Don’t forget to turn the fuel valve on..

 Final Expert Verdict:

The Husqvarna 7021P seems to be a little heavy on the pockets but it seems that you’ll get your money’s worth. As far as it goes in the world of lawn mowers, it proves to be the best compromise of price, quality, durability and usability. When it comes down to the nitty gritty details – the Husqvarna 7021P may be the best option for good sized lawns, so that you can get the job done and spend the rest of the day with family.

The Husqvarna 7021P |Jan 2017 : A unbiased Review on October 19, 2015 rated 4.4 of 5